The B.a.S Foundation uses Paypal at their tool for processing payments.  Below are common errors that may occur and how to resolve them.

I Click Donate and I do not have a Paypal Account

Paypal will allow individuals to make one time payments without a paypal account, the image below explains how you can click Continue and be directed to a guest account page.


I Click Donate and decided I wanted to change the amount. I click back and now I keep getting a blank page after I click Donate

For security reasons each donation has a unique ID.  By clicking back in the browser you are duplicating your ID which causes an error.  Simply REFRESH Refresh the page to resolve the issue.

Can I make a Donation by Check?

Check donations can be mailed to Address PO Box 48254 Cumberland, NC 28331.  A receipt will be mailed to you with all pertanant tax information.

For All Additional Technical Support

Contact Information
Phone: 910-693-3636